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Touchworks EHR
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September 5, 2017
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Allscripts Unity Samples for Touchworks EHR

Unity API Samples

This interface contains a small set of routes designed to show how to access the Allscripts Unity EHR interface. The examples were built to use the Touchworks EHR sandbox environment, but can easily be adapted other Allscripts products.
To access EHR data, you must register an application with the appropriate service. If you wish to use the Allscripts sandbox environment for testing, goto Allscripts Developer Access  for more information.

The following environment configuration settings must be set prior to running this example:

UNITY_SERVER_ADDR - IP address of the Allscripts server that implements the Unit service. Ex: http://tw151ga-azure.unitysandbox.com

REGISTERED_APPNAME - The name of the application registered for access to the Unity service.

UNITY_USERNAME - Username assigned by Allscripts during the application registration process.

UNITY_PASSWORD - Password assigned by Allscripts during the application registration process. It is recommended that this be stored encrypted.

EHR_USERNAME - Username of the particular EHR user (Patient, provider, admin, etc.) that will be used to retrieve the requested data. Ex: jmedici

EHR_PASSWORD - Password of the specified EHR user. Ex: password01

Routes contained:

Unity API Authorize and Retrieve Token - This route retrieves and maintains an authorized Allscripts Unity access token in a memory cache. It is generally used by other routes to ensure proper access.

Unity API Sample Lookup Patient by MRN - This route is an example of a simple patient lookup by MRN. The MRN is retrieved from a sample HL7 file and corresponds to a known patient data record in the Unity sandbox environment.

Unity API Sample Patient Name Search - This route performs a simple patient search by name, retrieving the same patient record as the previous route.

Unity API Sample Complex Workflow - A final example of a more complex workflow using the sample patient. Please see the route's own description for more details.