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Healthcare, Lab Testing
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February 18, 2013
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L.A.B.S 2 HL7 Lab Detail Report

The documentation and files provided here are for L.A.B.S customers. These materials can be used to build interfaces to connect to L.A.B.S and place HL7 ORU_R01 lab detail reports and receive real-time acknowledgements (ACK) messages for these reports. It also allows users to make use of L.A.B.S eiPortal, a web application that automates the process of getting set up and establishing business connectivity to L.A.B.S.

L.A.B.S, the market leader in lab testing services, is committed to streamlining the process of sending and receiving laboratory testing information. These resources offer all of the documentation, samples, and testing tools you'll need to build an interface and seamlessly integrate your internal systems with L.A.B.S for lab testing.

Integration with service providers is often a painful process, extended over months. Experience has shown that the most time intensive component of these projects is the communication of data format and connectivity requirements and the subsequent back-and-forth involved with the iterative testing of the interface.