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A marketplace for eiConsole (IDE) interface templates, components and industry bundles
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Travel and Hospitality
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The eiConsole IDE is highly recommended to support graphical development of interfaces for deployment to the eiPlatform runtime The eiPlatform is required to run in production interfaces configured using the eiConsole
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July 18, 2011
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OpenTravel Transaction Templates

If you work in the travel industry, use OpenTravel standsrds and have a need to connect you systems with each other - you have have a need to get this set of transaction templated to your XCS eiConsole. In this tool you can define a connectivity, transformations and other data manipulations required to interface your systems.

The most important is that all of the 240+ OpenTravel are included into this set of templates and all you need to build your own fully-workable interface is to define the endpoints of your systems and the mapping to/from necessary OpenTravel message.

Trading Partner

Any company participating in the hospitality industry supply chain including hotels, rental car companies, airlines, on-line booking and reservation systems