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eiConsole 10.13R1
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August 10, 2012
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eiConsole Training - HTTP Request Response Pair


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This interface demonstrates how the eiConsole and eiPlatform can be used to interact with an HTTP Webservice which provides a synchronous response.

HTTP Request Response Pairs may be used when:

  • A webservice callout needs to be made to acquire additional data
  • A webservice is the final target of a route and the response needs to be recorded

Core Concepts:

  • HTTP Transport
  • HTTP Listener
  • EIP Emulator Mode
  • Programmable Listener
  • Synchronous Response

How to Run This Example

In order to run this example, the provided environment properties file must be configured to point to a local directory, where the sample (Sample2.xml) is to be dropped. This example must be run in the EIP Emulator mode, which is accessible when a given route is loaded in the eiConsole, under the "Route" menu, under "Local XCS eiPlatform Emulator."

How it Works

Once run, the listener in the RequestResponse - Request route ("RequestResponse Directory Listener") will pick the file up from the configured directory

and send it via an HTTP Post ("HTTP Post Transport")

to a second route, the "RequestResponse - Webservice" route.

This route has an HTTP Post listener configured, and will simply return the posted data to the sender via the synchronous response transport. This data is returned to the HTTP Post Transport

which will pass it on to a "Response Listener", which points at a Programmable Listener in the RequestResponse - Response route. Here, it will simply be written to a directory.


How to Use This Example

Download the interface using the Free Download button under the eiConsole Interface logo.

Note: if you are not logged in to the eiConsole, or have arrived at this page via a browser, you will be prompted to login before the interface downloads into your eiConsole "PIE" inbox.

Note: If you have not downloaded and installed a FREE Trial you will have the opportunity to register via a simple process after you click the Free Download button.. Once you are logged in the interface will automatically download into your "PIE" inbox.

Next, download one of the tutorials on this page (from the right column) and walk through it step-by-step. You may check your work against the provided Route (Sample Data).