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P&C Insurance
Release Date
September 22, 2011
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Complementary Product

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WinRater Home

Generate homeowners quotes for an unlimited number of carriers at one time — in a matter of seconds. Just enter the HO Form, Year Built, Dwelling Amount, and click OK. Need to add endorsements or change coverages? Just click and WinRater instantly recalculates the premium.

For an additional licensing fee, you can also quote Dwelling/Fire and Umbrella rates.

Want to quote Rhode Island property rates? WinRater Rhode Island Fair Plan Rating Software is a great add-on component that works hand-in-glove with WinRater Massachusetts Home Rating Software.


  • Master screen simplifies navigation and data entry.
  • Set basic rating information and coverages as defaults.
  • Fast printing of applications, binders, loss notices, change notices, and 2A forms.
  • Fast territory lookup.
  • Instant recalculation of premiums whenever changes are made.
  • Apply common ISO endorsements and all your carriers’ unique endorsements.
  • Schedule personal property and apply any adjustments/credits.
  • Override underwriting guidelines, if necessary.
  • View and print side-by-side comparisons of premiums.
  • Fully integrated with agency management systems including AMS, APPLIED, DORIS, InStar, SIS, Special Agent.
  • Submit SinglePoint new business applications to carrier websites.


  • Access all customer and quote information from one screen.
  • Save all customer files and quotes in a powerful customer database.
  • Built-in underwriting guidelines and explanations of coverages and endorsements — alerts you to errors or special requirements.
  • Seamless integration with all major agency management systems, including all AMS, Applied, InStar, SIS and Special Agent systems.
  • Email quotes directly to customers.


  1. Andover
  2. Arbella
  3. Barnstable County
  4. Bunker Hill
  5. Chubb
  6. Commerce
  7. Concord / Green Mountain
  8. Encompass
  9. EMC
  10. Fidelity National
  11. Fireman’s Fund
  12. Fitchburg Mutual
  13. General Casualty
  14. Hanover
  15. Harleysville / Worcester
  16. Hingham / Danbury
  17. Holyoke
  18. Mass Fair Plan
  19. Manufacturer’s and Merchants / Phenix Mutual
  20. Merchant’s Mutual
  21. Narragansett Bay
  22. National Grange
  23. New London County
  24. Norfolk & Dedham
  25. Patrons
  26. Peerless
  27. Preferred Mutual
  28. Providence Mutual
  29. Quincy Mutual
  30. Safety
  31. Tower Group
  32. Tower National
  33. Travelers
  34. Union Mutual of Vermont
  35. Utica
  36. Vermont Mutual