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The eiConsole IDE is highly recommended to support graphical development of interfaces for deployment to the eiPlatform runtime The eiPlatform is required to run in production interfaces configured using the eiConsole
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April 5, 2018
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eiConsole for Healthcare Bundle

The Healthcare Bundle enhances the XCS eiConsole with a whole host of powerful healthcare-specific features and capabilities to enable better, faster, and higher quality integration of systems throughout the healthcare industry. The healthcare bundle incudes both a Quick Tour and a Tutorial on how to configure and deploy interfaces.

With the eiConsole Healthcare Bundle you can configure interfaces that:

  • Use any connectivity options including TCP/IP, batch files, web services and databases
  • Accept non-standard deviations from HL7 standards
  • Intelleigently route data between systems and/or organizations
  • Filter data content based on recipient
  • Encrypt/decrypt sensitive data
  • Work with structured, semi-structured and binary/image data

Easy Drag & Drop data transformations and HL7 features not found in any other product

  • Perform "Lenient parsing" of HL7 messages – allows users to work with messages not strictly adherent to the HL7 standard
  • Automate mapping between slightly incompatible HL7 messages with the HL7 Differencing Component
  • Bind HL7 messages to or from human-readable XML by using the new "Friendly Name" option which replaces cryptic HL7 names with simple, understandable synonym
  • Configure interfaces faster with in-line documentation and the ability to browse the HL7 vocabulary including codelists
  • Import vendor-specific HL7 transaction samples for mapping
  • Easily move application data into HL7, CCD and CCR templates, CDISC and DICOM
  • Produce and consume ANSI X12 compliant EDI transaction
  • Perform end-to-end testing and debugging of healthcare industry interfaces directly from within the IDE
  • Create standards-based (XSLT) mappings that eliminate vendor "lock-in"
  • Manage 100s of interfaces (internal & external) in one graphical repository